iOS, Android Corporate Training

There is an extremely high demand for skilled workforce in the IT Industry.

GeniusPort offers a well-designed corporate training program for this specific purpose. We comprise of experienced industry trainers and robust infrastructure. We have a proven record of providing corporate training sessions to several top-notch companies.

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Detailed analysis of your requirement

The first approach of our unique corporate training programme is associating with the clients and gathering and analyzing their requirements. This analysis is further communicated with the faculty, in association of which, a training curriculum is designed for the clients.


Continuous interaction with your technical staff

Time is critical and training needs are a constant. Our expert trainers will evaluate your existing capabilities and accordingly create a module that defines the further requirement and the training structure.


Customize training program

We are available throughout the training for your staff. Practical training and exposure is what we deliver to the corporate. The training program is flexible and the module is decided after a detailed discussion with the clients on what exactly they are seeking.


Project specific training engagement

If you wish to get your team trained for a specific project that covers mobility, we are the best people to have you trained for that.


Case study implementation

We implement mobile learning in workplace through case studies.


Dedicated post training support

Even after the completion of the training, we are always available for the post training and development assistance.

Android Application Development Training - Weekend Course Curriculum

iPhone Application Development Training - Weekend Course Curriculum