iOS, Android Training for Professionals

GeniusPort offers flexible weekend classes for professionals.

The future is mobile, and the challenge to adopt and understand it has begun. Keep pace with the changing industry by learning mobile app development.

Our well-designed curriculum for professionals helps them add a distinguished skill-set to their resume.

Enhance your skill-set and broaden your field of expertise. Diversify your resume to make you a more sellable candidate.


Evaluate your professional reputation

Having the right training at the right time can mean the difference between your current job and earning that promotion.


Enrich and develop your skills with latest technology

In today's fast-paced business world, keeping your skill set current is especially crucial to make your job safety net wider. Learn new app development skills for your career and become better at it with professional app development opportunities and practice.


Increase efficiency and financial gains

Your earning potential will be determined by several factors, but your commitment to professional development and enhancement of your skills will certainly be one of them. As you increase your value to an employer, you will boost the prospects of earning a higher salary as well.



Be a certified app developer and make your resume more sellable. Continuing your professional development requires a time (and sometimes financial) commitment. Nevertheless, it should not be neglected. This is the right time for you to develop your skills because mobile is the present.


Increase marketability

Professional development benefits both employers and employees. Any time you consider your career or company goals, remember that skills enhancement can affect a person's future at a multitude of levels.


Add more accountability and success

Think beyond job-specific knowledge. Much like when you are interviewing for a new job, your employer wants to know what abilities you could bring to an increased role in the workplace. Sharpen your technical skills through our App development courses.


Android Application Development Training - Weekend Course Curriculum

iPhone Application Development Training - Weekend Course Curriculum