iOS, Android Training for Students

Eliminating the Employability Gap.

It is proven that there is a higher demand than supply in mobile programming, which reiterates the fact that there are not enough great mobile developers in the world. Calling us for a career in mobile application development could be the best career decision of your life.

GeniusPort is well versed in training candidates and preparing them to compete with the best mobile app developers in the industry. Our goal is to make students capable and equip them with required expertise so that they start a fruitful career and are well placed within the application development industry.

We provide unique training programs for new graduates and students alike.

The curriculum that we teach is comprised of well maneuvered processes. To make it well-suited for all, we start with a foundation then move on to practical exposure and finally provide certification and job assistance to the students once they are fully taught in app development.



We provide a user id and password to every student to access our data base that is uniquely designed for the students. The students sign up and register their profiles with us and become a part of GeniusPort.


Refreshment Course

We start with polishing the existing information and knowledge the students have acquired so far. Our purpose of putting up this introductory session is to keep all the minds at par before we get into the main stream of development. Not just revision, but it also serves as a powerful period that lets students align themselves with what they may have missed.


Lab Session

Our practical labs are well equipped with all the devices required for learning app development. Students are assigned with PCs/mobiles/tabs/ipads andMac iOS individually. After rigorous theory sessions, it’s time to implement the learning in practical. Practice has always been fun when it’s real time. In order to provide uninterrupted hands on training to the students, we make sure that every student gets his own device to learn.


Project Allocation

Students are assigned with different projects. Our project allocation method is dynamic. The projects are real time and are influenced by the trending applications in the market. Students are encouraged to study the latest app trend and mould their creativity accordingly.

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Project Plan

Project planning is a discipline for stating how to complete a project within a certain timeframe, usually with defined stages, and with designated resources. The success of a project will depend critically upon the effort, care and skill the students apply in its initial stage. We make sure that along with the development training, we guide them how to plan and head a project.



Creativity is the current trend. In every app a developer develops, it’s the rich UI and design that work seamlessly with a range of phones and tablets that gives the icing. The mobilized user experience is certainly the "WOW" factor and that is accomplished by a smooth user interface on all mobile platforms. It’s very essential for the students to know their apps and design them accordingly. We train them to design.



You will learn how to deliver robust mobile business applications and integrate with enterprise systems.


QA testing

Mobile testing is a challenging task and in order to execute it well, we need to create the right combination of techniques and methods. Hence to hone up the apps developed, we train the students for manual, performance and functional testing.



We have 100% job assistance courses for job seekers. In order to secure a corporate job, GeniusPort provides you industry standard training programs in mobile applications programming that will allow you to find employment easily. We have successfully placed many of our students in top MNC’s and startup firms. We have partnered with many recruiting companies to find jobs easily for our students.

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At the end of the course, we award an academic certification. The certificate adds a fortune to the carrier of the students because they are not only well versed, but have a credential to convey it.


Mobile App

By the time the students complete their courses, they are market ready to create mobile applications.


Hosted on AppStore

Even before successfully completing their app development course and getting placed, students’ apps are hosted on the app stores.


Live client Deployment

Because we are associated with our clients through our enterprise mobility services company adeptpros, we have a strong client base. Applications that are new and worth vouching upon are taken forward to our clients.