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Tailored one-stop inkjet printing solutions
In an era where consumers are looking for personalized and customized products and services, artisJet is committed to helping new retail companies achieve a smart transformation in store operations. We tailor-made one-stop inkjet printing solutions for enterprises based on specific market areas or customer needs.

Software Development

Print engine, touch to print APP, and MINI program based on third party
artisJet provides software for flexible printing solutions, which realizes the automatic workflow of receiving data from mobile terminals: device selection – printing platform – data summary and output device printing. This helps smart stores in the new retail industry improve customer interaction with their brand and customer experience as well. Our mobile printing software has the function of application extension. It can preset the access port to realize the compatibility of the printing work platform with different applications (software developed by enterprises and WeChat mini app programs).
According to the specific business model and product characteristics of the new retail industry, artisJet division can develop and design mobile printing software that is suitable for the needs of smart stores, enhancing the vitality of the stores and the interaction rate with customers. Add to this, artisJet digital printing systems create more interesting and better customer experiences.

Hardware Development

Customized print devices, molds tailored to products and custom integration
artisJet provided one-stop inkjet printing equipment according to the needs of smart stores. Unlike traditional engraving machines or traditional printers (heat press printing, for example), artisJet's digital inkjet printing equipment can connect with applications, integrate and summarize data, and realize color and image intelligent output. With no material restrictions on finished printing products, it can be widely used in smart stores in different fields and products.
We know every business and Retail Company is different, that is why we can also design and provide customized printing equipment according to the different needs of their business type, brand positioning and customer interaction. By integrating our software, hardware and machinery printing systems, we enable smart stores to create a more professional and a better and creative shopping environment.

Endless possibilities

Explore the possibilities we can do something for you
Direct to media and substrate print solution is exactly what you can expect from our solution and your image can be directly printed to substrates of your choice. The substrates could be lipstick case, eyeshadow case, luggage tags, name badges cards, mobile covers, wood photo blocks, and anything you can think of. In many cases, the print solution is called lipstick case engraver or 3D lipstick case printer! These names originate from the printing results of being embossed / textured, that is to say, the printing is tactile, and you can touch the name and pictures directly with your fingers!
Compatible to web-to-print software and solutions, artisJet Next print solutions are supporting the third-party software on demand. Either you are a marketing house looking for easy custom print solution, or an IT integrator looking for an in-store small and green print solution for direct print to products, or a marketer exploring on an on-site instant print solution on medias / products / substrates for your events, or solution provider aiming at finding the best hardware partner for your APP or small program, artisJet Next is here to support and deliver the best for your customization needs.